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Getting Your message effectively:

  • To the audience that you seek,

  • With the fewest investment of your company’s dollars and time.

Break through the noise with a consistent, targeted, and wide-reaching campaign.

Measure the effects of your marketing dollars with email, polls and other feedback directly from readers.

Avoid ad-blockers by providing information that people want and need.

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  • žContent we write – with a sponsor – published in multiple outlets.
  • STORY: 1 sponsor
    • 'How to’, best practices, 6 steps:
  • ARTICLE: multiple sponsors
    • Overview of policy, finance or technology:
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Advantages of Sponsored Content

Sponsor Levels

Who Reads The Green Economy


Over 175 media outlets picked up our stories over 3,000 times

  • Business news aggregators.
    • A.M. Best
    • Daily Bulletin City 
  • National Press
    • CBS
    • NPR
    • FOX
    • United Press Intl’
  • National Print & Online
    • ƒBoston Globe
    • ƒHouston Chronicle
    • ƒMiami Herald
    • ƒSan Francisco Chronicle
  • Business Information Services
    • ƒBeyond the Dow
    • Int’l Business Times
    • ƒMoney Watch
    • MoneyShow.com
    • ƒValue Investing News
    • ƒOil & Gas Financial Journal


  • Business development & marketing expertise selling strategic investments for capital projects.
  • Established relationships with leaders who have fiduciary responsibility for pensions and other public interest funds.
  • žWriters, designers, editors trained in explaining complex science, technology and finance to a lay person.
  • žWorking with publishers like McGraw-Hill and CRC press.


Previous Client List

(Creative Direction & Production | partial list)

žBayer Pharmaceuticals
žHelen Keller International
žLA Cellular
Levi Strauss

žLucent Technologies

NBC Sports
žOakland A's

žQuixote Corporation
žSan Francisco Ballet
žShaklee Products
žSpirent Communications
žSyntex Pharmaceuticals
žTouchstone Pictures
žUSC (Univ. Southern CA)
žWells Fargo
žXerox PARC


Content Marketing

Explaining Valuež

  • No one knows as much about a company’s products and services as the company.
  • žA perceived niche – a highly specialized and sophisticated market – can mask the need for a simple story that creates and extends a unique competitive edge.
  • žTelling that story is our business.

Capital purchases are made by teams

  • The decision to purchase starts anywhere.
  • Each team member has their own:
    • Motivation
    • Criteria for credibility
    • Media preference



  • žSenior Project Manager -- $125
  • žCreative Director-- $125
  • žReporter / Editor / Art Director -- $90
  • žArt Director -- $90
  • žSocial Media Director -- $75
  • žCopy editor -- $75

Other – Bid

  • Audio | Video | Animation
  • Web Design | Architecture
  • Web Messaging
  • Reprints | Direct Mail Printing | Fulfillment




  • žOur services are based upon two uniquely connected ideas: custom teams and single-point management.
  • žWe are committed to delivering expert communication services to companies of every size.
  • žWe never compromise on the quality of our deliverables or hide behind meaningless jargon.

I. Every Project is Uniquež

  • We listen
    • Interviews
    • Review corporate materials & competition
  • žResearch Audience
    • Demographics
    • Preferences
  • žDevelop
    • Messaging that works
    • Media choices
  • žReport
    • Share with client’s team
    • Revise

II. Create Team

  • žDevelop budget & schedule.
  • žDevelop team
    • Expertise in specific markets
    • The right talent for each project
  • žVersatility of Team
    • Scalability to meet a variety of timescales
    • Ability to work with your choice of vendors

žIII. Develop & Deliver

  • Present final designs for approval
  • žRevise or Sign off
  • žRoll-out approved campaign
    • Manage print
    • Develop HTML prototype
    • Finalize video/animation
    • Manage social media
    • Post for Google Adwords
    • Distribute to news wires

IV. Evaluate & Report

  • žReview available metrics to evaluate campaign effectiveness
  • žReview current project in relation to greater company goals
  • žProvide alternatives for increased visibility